• 07 May

Afrihost Makes Sharing Easy!

Who says that sharing has to mean getting less? We believe that it's much easier to share web hosting when there's plenty of resources for everyone. With that in mind, we've Introduced Unlimited Web Traffic on Shared Hosting!

As of 1st May, we have completely removed excess bandwidth charges on all our Shared Hosting products. This means that clients will no longer be charged a per GB fee when their bandwidth usage exceeds the package limit, effectively removing all web traffic limits on Shared Hosting products. For existing clients, all excess usage after the 1st May will be zero-rated

We are extremely confident that this will make our Shared Hosting offering an extremely attractive option to SA Web Hosting clients, while saving many of our existing clients a little extra on their monthly fees. After all, sharing is caring.

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Murendeni said

Great Move. I like no more #ReachedBandwithLimit :)

S Crossan said

Dear Afrihost

I am amazed everytime I visit this website (afrihost.com). There is always a great deal going on ..something new ..something fresh.

Your constant attention to clients needs and keeping up with the times.. in some cases surpassing my expectations, and I assume many other users, of your great services.

Another great idea by you guys looking after the average guy just needing a great deal and fantastic value for money.

I will tell all my friends :)

A Committed user.

Mike said

I have been using Afrihost for about a year now and have never deen disappointed in any service or product, in fact I am constantly amazed!
I have not tried any other hosting or asdl provider - in fact I am not even going to bother looking elsewhere. Afrihost is the best and this is as good as it gets.
Keep it up!

Kobus Botha said

Excellent service for about four years now. Thank you.

Rhys said

Now why am I not surprised ;)

As mentioned in other comments here, Afrihost keeps surpassing our expectations.
When I hear of people looking for ADSL providers, or even those that already have, I tell them they’re welcome to look around but if they don’t sign with Afrihost then they’re just being silly (well, I actually use a slightly different term but this is a public place so I’ll tone it down :) ).

You can’t beat Afrihost.

Msizi Ndovela said

Best internet service provider ever!!!

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