• 11 Oct

Afrihost Clinches ISP of the Year - AGAIN!

There was much speculation about which ISP would win this coveted award at the MyBroadBand conference on 10th October, and we were understandably nervous having won the previous year. But thanks to the votes from loyal and happy Afrihost clients, we won ISP of the Year for the second year running – not bad for an ISP that’s only been in the game since 2009.

However, we know that once the champagne and the fireworks are over, there is still a lot of work to be done. Aside from recent technical problems, we also have a huge challenge to keep up our excellent service standards in light of our phenomenal growth over the past year.

The great news is that we are absolutely ready for the challenges ahead. Our brand new network with MTN is ready and we will shortly be moving over, not only resolving many technical issues but giving us opportunities to offer improved products and value-added services; and we are continually taking on and training new client service staff to ensure the very highest quality of support. The road ahead seems promising as we look at innovative new products, and improvements to our internal systems and Client Resources like Afrihost Apps and ClientZone.

We humbly accept this award as a symbol that we are delivering on our clients expections, and we firmly believe that continuing to do so will land us at the front of the race of 2013’s ISP of the Year Award.

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hamida said

I recommend

Carl Mouton said

Afrihost is like a good insurance policy, you are always covered!!!!

Ian D. Samson said

Of course Afrihost is the best. Does anyone think I would waste my money on a second-rate ISP? Never! And, kudos to Afrihost management and staff since they have been in the game since 2009, great companies are made from small beginnings - if they don’t overdo it, like so many before them. Congrats to Gian Visser, the team at Afrihost, and the Directors.

Tebogo said

We love u….. Afrihost .......

Francois said

Afrihost is not just another faceless company. All their staff live the company philosophy of excellence above all else. Afrihost communicates well with us as clients, and that in itself is a scarce commodity in the corporate world. Congratulations to Gian and the TEAM!

Claus said

Well done to Afrihost for being the #1 ISP.

You really deserve that award.

Wouldn’t dream of moving onto another ISP.

James said

Congratulations - Afrihost deserves the award. It’s not even as if the ISP is the best of a bad bunch. You make broadband affordable and manageable. I’ve been picky about my service provider even since dial-up and Afrihost has been the hands-down best yet.

Ian D. Samson said

Well said, James. I’ve been with *******.com, **********, ********, ******, ******, and moved to Afrihost because they simply are the best.

Chuck said

I been with most of the rest now I am with the best. I have moved a number of my friends and family over already. Keep up the great work. Here is to winning it again next year.

Kobus Kolver said

Afrihost embodies excellence.

If only the rest of South Africa had The Afrihost Mentality, we would live in Utopia. Well done Gian & team, you have never disappointed me. You all are living legends and you deserve the accolades.

Khombelwayo said

Well done Afrihost, i have been on top of competition ever since I started using your products. Even here across the border in Lesotho you are my secret weapon. I believe one day I will even be able to use your ADSL. Meanwhile we are proud of you.

Albert.S said

Afrihost is the best thing that can happen to anybody. Move over everyone else.

Trevor Campbell said

Brilliant service, brilliantly quick set up at an utterly brilliant price. I’m a fan.

Tawanda Nhemachena said

YaY Afrihost!!!

Kabelo modisadife said

I love the company and I need this in Sun City, North West. Keep it up!

Gerrie jordaan said

Excellent! Nothing better. Try it and you be the judge.

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