Afrihost Hosting Incident 6 December 2013
  • 09 Dec

Afrihost Hosting Incident 6 December 2013


We experienced an incident on 6 December affecting our Web Hosting Services at our Bryanston Data Cetnre.

A Denial of Service (DOS) attack aimed at a client hosted within our environment resulted in decreased network capacity, affecting connectivity in and out of the data centre.

Friday 6th December 2013

At approximately 10h15 we became aware of increased latency and packet loss to hosted services at our Bryanston Data Centre.

After initial troubleshooting from our side, the incident was reported to our upstream provider and escalated by Afrihost Senior Management due to severity.

Our provider confirmed that the symptoms appeared to point to a Denial of Service attack. DOS attacks overwhelm a target with connection requests, to render the target inaccessible. The effect of a DOS attack is that essentially thousands of requests per second flood the network for a single server or service, rendering general traffic slow to unresponsive for other servers within the data centre cluster.

Once our upstream provider had identified the source of the attack, all traffic to the destination was neutralised and traffic began to normalise to the data centre.

The incident was marked as resolved at approximately 12h15 (i.e. a 2 hour duration).

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