Afrihost’s New Home Uncapped Flavour is Delicious!
  • 02 Dec

Afrihost’s New Home Uncapped Flavour is Delicious!

We are introducing a new line of affordable Home Uncapped products designed to suit every South African’s palate! With new packages starting from just R97pm, we are re-shaping the Uncapped landscape to the taste of our clients!

We recently moved to a brand new DSL network infrastructure which has drawn much praise from our clients for excellent performance. We followed this with a massive price reduction on our Capped DSL packages, by making our Double Data promotion on Capped DSL permanent and also offering even more data for clients with Afrihost Plus+. This value was further enhanced with the introduction of Zero-Rated After Hours data for capped packages.

Now Uncapped clients can get in on the action (and savings) by choosing between our existing Uncapped products (now rebranded as Premium Uncapped) or our affordable new Home Uncapped Products. We also offer an unshaped, uncapped option in Business Uncapped.

Premium Uncapped products, from R197pm, offer unshaped real-time priority services (such as browsing, gaming, VoIP, etc) and non-realtime services are only shaped during periods of high network demand.

Home Uncapped products, from R97pm, may be throttled once a threshold value is exceeded (based on overall network demand). If the threshold is not exceeded in the specified period, Home Uncapped will perform as a Premium Uncapped product.

Thresholds are specific to each product and are calculated on a 30 day rolling window.

Home Uncapped will also be available in Bundles with DSL line rental included, from R149pm.

Home Uncapped will offer many of the same familiar benefits as Premium Uncapped such as Turbocharge, to completely un-shape and un-throttle bandwidth in increments of one hour. Home Uncapped clients will receive 300 FREE Turbocharge minutes per month (from the second month after signing up). Thereafter clients may purchase topups in increments of R29, the number of minutes assigned will depend on the product speed purchased. Clients with Afrihost Plus+ may also assign additional benefits to double their Turbocharge minutes.

Line SpeedThreshold Value*Data Only PriceBundle Price

* May be subject to change as per our Acceptable Use Policy.
Correct at the time of publishing. Some product specifications may have changed.

Uncapped DSL Bundles

Enjoy unlimited data usage at a limited cost. Bundling your Uncapped DSL Data with your ADSL or VDSL Line has never been easier. Save money and create an easy-to-manage bundle all at once!

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