Afrihost Goes 2-for-1 on Mobile Topups!
  • 05 Sep

Afrihost Goes 2-for-1 on Mobile Topups!

We are launching our Mobile Data offering to the South African public today - and we are pulling out all the stops.

Any client who signs up for any of our mobile data offerings will also qualify for 2-for-1 Topup promotions.

Our standard top up rates are R99 per GB. While 2-for-1 topups are running clients will be able to top up at an incredible R49.50 per GB, the lowest top up rates in the market at time of going to press - and without signing a long term contract or paying a large upfront lump sum.

2-for-1 Topups will become available from mid September and will run at certain times during the month until the end of the year, at which point the offer may be extended. Eligible clients will be able to access 2-for-1 Topups in ClientZone, our mobile App or via SMS, in the same way that they currently manage DSL Topups.

We are already giving an incredible R44 million to existing and new clients through FREE devices and savings on data. In addition to this we are adding even more awesome to our offering with 2-for-1 Mobile Data Topups.

We stunned the broadband community by introducing an exciting range of Mobile Data products, spearheaded by their Mobile Two and Mobile Three packages - offering an effective 5GB for R145 per month and 10GB for R197 respectively from just R19.70 per GB! The uptake by the public has been phenomenal. When we initially launched pre-orders for Mobile Data 8,000 bundles with Free MiFi devices sold out in just over 5 hours!

Click here to view our Mobile Data offers.

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Mark said

This is awesome, just what SA needed! Cheaper Mobile Data.

Pieter van Blommestein said

This is awesome, cannot wait for Uncapped for Mobile Data. I know it sounds crazy, but am sure it is possible with Afrihost.

Rocco said

This is awesome. We as data users have been ripped off for far too long. Hopefully there is an Uncapped mobile package in sight.

Shamal Singh said


Tlhaloso said

Please bring on bigger data packages. I am willing to pay!

Lwazi Sijaji said

Ever since I signed up with Afrihost, I still cannot believe how awesome they are. And to make things even way better, “Mobile data” 10Gb @ R197, LTE!, I mean that’s insane!!! I’m using it. this is sick man….

Clientzone is still awesome by the way, please make a app for Windows Phone 8….

Moeketsi said

This is crazy! I’m getting awesome speeds and I consider this unlimited since I get 10GB for R197pm! Not forgetting those crazy Topups of data. Thank you Afrihost!

Garth said

Afrihost you rock! I simply just love it.

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