• 06 Mar

Afrihost Gets Uncapped Into Shape!

We are thanking our Uncapped clients by removing shaping on Uncapped ADSL!

We have been very busy in recent weeks with upgrading our ADSL network from the initial 8Gbps capacity we had when they first moved over to MTN, which was already approximately 30% more capacity than we previously had on the IS network.

We then quickly saw the value in acquiring an additional 60% capacity to deliver the best Capped and Uncapped ADSL experience. With our 2Gbps Durban IPC now going live, and our 3Gbps Cape Town IPC already performing well, our entire 13Gbps network is now fully operational. Aside from the upgraded performance, our new state-of-the-art network boasts multiple international redundancies, with capacity on several undersea cables, which is why Afrihost clients were, for example, not impacted by recent Seacom outages.

The upgraded network is already performing at excellent levels, and we have decided to completely unshape all Uncapped ADSL traffic for the time being. The decision to do this is mainly intended to thank and reward our Uncapped clients for their patience and support while the upgrades were in progress. The second objective is to demonstrate the capabilities of the upgraded network - in terms of delivering exceptional throughput and a low latency ADSL experience. We are confident that our additional capacity will more than handle the additional traffic, and after a week has passed we will re-assess our current shaping policies. We will be absorbing the cost of additional unshaped bandwidth completely.

We are confident that our network is now performing at premium levels and urge Uncapped clients not experiencing good speeds and pings to contact us and allow our support to team to troubleshoot their problems - which could be a result of other infrastructure or software issues.

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Willem said

I want my uncapped to be unshaped, thanks.

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