• 28 Oct

Afrihost gave 530 lucky people FREE ADSL, Forever!

Today we gave away 530 free 1GB ADSL Accounts. No catches.

These account do not expire or only last for a month.
We gave away 1 Free GB of unshaped, fast ADSL from Afrihost every month, Forever.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to grab one of these accounts.

Welcome to Afrihost, Pure Internet Joy!

For more information and to sign up for notification next time we do this,
visit our 1GB Free ADSL Account from Afrihost Page

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William Segal said

I got it and I appreciate it. Thanks Afrihost

Christa said

I was one of the lucky winners of the 1GB free forever, thank you Afrihost. Thank you also for being the best ISP I have ever had,  you guys rock. :-)

Greg said

I’m loving my 1GB free-forever account. Much appreciated Afrihost!

Ryan Gunn said

I got my free monthly 1GB ADSL Account, thanks alot for besing such a great ISP!

Maria said

Amazing how 530 people get free internet and 4 say thank u????

amelia said

my free 1 GB account has been activated although I have’nt tried it yet. but I just want to say many thanks.

William said

Months on and still VERY happy with every aspect of Afrihost.Just dissapointing that my friends insist on paying more fore less elsewhere,idiots(said with the greatest respect)

Gavin Jensen said

Thankyou Afrihost for all the good work you guys do. I enjoy my 1gb free4 very monh as well as I took advantage of the red special ou had on.Am really hapy with it all.kKeep up the good work!


Gavin Jensen

Susan Fourie said

For once in my life I won something and it is really worthwhile because it never ends!  Thanks for the free 1GB you gave me…...you really are tops!  :-)

William Segal said


Chris said

Thanks for the gift Afrihost, I’m sure your services to the South African community are helping a lot , especially all the freebies which make the internet all the more enjoyable

Susan Fourie said

Hi, i am still as happy as a lark - thank you for services that are realy good!

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