• 10 Jul

Afrihost Feeds the Needy with DataBurgers

Many will remember that we ran a special promotion on the 12th of June, where we sold “DataBurger” Top Ups for just R10. After hundreds of clients took a bite of our tasty offering, we wanted to go one step further. We decided to take up a challenge that faces many South Africans today, to make life a little better for those less fortunate than ourselves.

After many suggestions and submission from clients, we finally narrowed it down to five incredible charities. This was in no way reflective of the awesome work that is being done by all the organisations nominated - it’s probably the hardest choice we’ve ever had to make! Each organization receives a donation of R4,000, a total of R20,000 – with the help of Afrihost clients.

The organisations we chose are:-

Rainbows and Smiles provide emotional, social and financial support to families with a child (or children) that is diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as cancer.

The Teddy Bear Clinic provides therapy, counseling, assistance, love, comfort, safety and ongoing support to children who have been abused.

The Topsy Foundation seeks to address the effects of HIV and AIDS by intervening in the lives of individuals & children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, by attending to their basic needs.

iCare creates meaningful and sustainable solutions for street children through awareness programmes, rehabilitation, shelters and skills/ job creation and finally producing effective members of society.

Lambano Sanctuary accepts children who have been abandoned or orphaned, especially those affected by HIV / Aids, providing these children with a caring environment where they are nurtured and loved.

We’d like to thank our amazing clients for giving us the opportunity to make these contributions, and for telling us about these extraordinary organisations. And we’d also like to congratulate all the receiving charities on their absolutely awe-inspiring and selfless work.


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