• 15 Apr

Afrihost Doubles Down!

We have long been known as a market leader when it comes to bandwidth pricing. From introducing ADSL data at R29 per GB back in 2009, to our recent aggressive bundle pricing on Consumer and Business Uncapped Bundles - all eyes are on us, and with good reason!

Despite offering the cheapest monthly ADSL product on the market at R0.00 for 1GB, we will now be giving our paid Capped DSL clients DOUBLE the amount of bandwidth for the same amount of money, effectively slashing our prices by 50%!  We will be adding 100% more data to ALL our paid Capped DSL clients' accounts. So a client who currently pays for R29 for 2GB, for example, will get a second 2GB added onto their account each month at no extra charge. We will also continue to honour and offer a FREE GB on all capped accounts (which can be activated in ClientZone). This means that a client paying R29 for 2GB will actually receive 5GB in total each month for the duration of the promotion.

Capped clients will now be paying from as little as R4 per GB on higher packages, the lowest per GB price on the SA broadband market. New clients can sign up for the packages from today, and existing clients will receive the additional data as of 1st May.

The offer will run until the end of July 2013 at which point it will be revised or extended.

For more information on Afrihost's Capped DSL promotion, click here.

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Andrew said

The pure joy internet continues. Doubling of data, great value for money, great website and Clientzone, your help desk is so clued up, helpful and friendly. For me, that’s also very important.

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