Afrihost Cages the OOB Shark
  • 16 May

Afrihost Cages the OOB Shark

We've caged the “Out of Bundle Shark” and removed its bite - by offering the lowest ever “Out of Bundle” Mobile Data rate at only 10c per MB! It’s a first for South Africa, courtesy of SA’s favourite ISP!

The mere mention of out of bundle (or OOB) creates a sense of panic - with fight or flight senses heightened to the maximum. Horror stories of inconceivably high bills, conflicting billing information and long, drawn out disputes are shared that make most people think it will never be safe to “go back into the water”. To make sure there are absolutely no surprises, our clients can now decide exactly how far out they’d like to swim, by setting their own out of bundle limits!

We've already blown away the SA Mobile Data market by offering Mobile Data from less than R29 per GB on our month-to-month packages. We will now be sweetening the deal by offering Mobile Data clients the option to extend their data, once they’ve reached their monthly package limit, at the best out of bundle rate in the country*. At just 10c per MB, any Mobile Data client will have the option to enable out of bundle rates or not. Should they opt in for out of bundle data, they will be able to explicitly set a Rand or Data value at which their data spend will be capped. So no surprise bills and complete control over your data. What’s more, out of bundle clients will still have the freedom to take advantage of seasonal specials like 2-for-1 Topups, to make sure they get the very best deals.

Clients can also choose to not opt in for OOB, and either use manual or automatic Topups in ClientZone. The feature will become available later today.

There may be lots of fish in the sea, but Afrihost is a 100% shark free zone!

* At time of going to press.

Afrihost Mobile Data

Pay Less, Get More - Wherever you are! Our Mobile Data network has extensive coverage in SA, and offers incredible value in and out of bundle. No more shocking data bills!

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