• 25 Oct

Afrihost Klaps Business ADSL for a Six!

There are moments in life that you never forget. Stransky’s winning kick in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The first time you heard Jimmy Page’s guitar solo on Stairway to Heaven. Or that magical moment when Chad le Clos edged out Michael Phelps at the 2012 Summer Olypmics.

Be warned, you are about to have one of those moments ...

Afrihost, fresh from winning back to back MyBroadband ISP of the Year Awards, has been in the news recently since they moved their entire ADSL network onto MTN. While many were skeptical, there can be no denying the glowing reports from users of faster, more stable Internet across the board. Afrihost decided to start passing savings to their clients straight away, and is set to delight Unshaped Uncapped ADSL users with the lowest Business Uncapped prices to ever hit the SA market!
Afrihost will be smashing it’s own record prices by up to 60%! They are also unilaterally upgrading 384kbps, 512kbps and 1Mbps clients to better speeds at even better prices! 384kbps and 512kbps will be upgraded to 1Mbps Uncapped at an incredible R297pm, while existing 1Mbps users will now receive 2Mbps service for just R397pm. While other prices will drop significantly, 10Mbps is clearly the showstopper from R2,497pm to R997pm!! That’s a saving of just over 60% at R1,500!!

New clients signing up will benefit immediately from the new prices, and existing clients will be billed at the new rates as of 1st November. Afrihost could not wait any longer to pass their savings and appreciation onto their loyal clients, who are truly the ones who deserve the credit for making this possible.

Afrihost will also be introducing Fixed IP addresses for Business ADSL very soon - details to be announced.

Old PackageNew PackageOld PriceNew PriceSaving
512kbps1MbpsR397R297R100 (25%)
1Mbps2MbpsR697R397R300 (43%)
2MbpsSameR897R397R500 (55%)
4MbpsSameR997R697R300 (30%)
6MbpsSameR1,497R797R700 (46%)
8MbpsSameR1,997R897R1,100 (55%)
10MbpsSameR2,497R997R1,500 (60%)

Sign up now for the best value Business DSL in the Market!

* Correct at the time of publishing. Some product specifications may have changed.

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Brett said

I’m a huge fan of you guys, service is always amazing. I’m loving my new speed - thank you!

Jacques said

100 %  SERVICE

    100 %  LOW LOW PRICE

      100 %  LINE / ADSL I S P

Mogamat Shafiek Christian said

As you know i am always an on and off client of yours but never seems to stay away, always have been impressed by your service.


Afrihost FAN

Johann Fouche said

Amazing guys - I am quite jealous.  Wish that ADSL was available where we stay!

Juan said

Loving the new Uncapped prices and Speeds…Unbelievable!! Thanks Guys.

Dimitriou said

Thanks for setting a new standard for ISP’s in South Africa! :)

Duane said

I just can’t see why so many people are with so many other service providers, providing sub standard services and support. I have in all my years never come across a ISP with such passion for providing the best products at the best possible prices…and whats even more inportant THE SUPPORT! It truly makes sense and well deserved for winning best ISP two years running.

Des said

You deserve the award ...well done . There is no better ISP than AFRIHOST . I have been using Afrihost for years and all my friends are also using Afrihost ...all you hear is how happy they are for changing to Afrihost ... keep on with the good work !!!

Emile said

What Brett said, and… I don’t just think you’re the best ISP in the country, but probably one of the best companies in the country!

If only all client service and value for money was like Afrihost’s!

Stephan said

Awesome prices! Only company I know that would rather lower there prices than raising them.

Well done, good work - keep it up.

Denyse Knipe said

Awesome. Now that looks like a better price. Please let me know how I can move to uncapped R997 without paying for the old service I have and the new service at the same time. Cancel the old implement the new.

Stephen Human said

Thanks for excellent support

Morgan said

I’ve been blown away with Afrihost’s dynamic outlook to satisfying customers, thank you!

E.D.Bruno said

Dear Afrihost,
It took me about a year to listen to my students advise and change my Internet provider.The new connection is indeed faster at all times, even with unlimited account. For an old lady who wants to know what is new all over the world ,this is amazing news.

Thank you so much,


Lucas said

Afrihost…a company name associated with SERVICE!!!!!!
We cannot wait for the Fixed IP.
Well done.

Sacha said

Thanks guys: Uncapped is now possible within my budget!

Zahir Molvi said

Everything seems 100 percent!

Alexis said

Best Services provider! Thank you for the excellent service and notifications. Great Team!

Louis said

Thank you for the excellent service! If only all service providers in SA could be as great as you.

Marcel said

Afrihost Rocks!

I moved over a few month ago, and must say I am VERY happy with the service!

Gerhard de Villiers said

You guys rock, keep up the good work.

James Lishman said

Past the teething problems - amazing flexibility and services couple to responsive support
You guys are great - moving to Afrihost was the best move I and my customer base has made in 10 years

Susanna said

I just want to say thank you and keep being so good and efficient.

God bless your business

Conni said

Thanks for GREAT service. Since moving to MTN my internet speed increased dramaticly and are running more stable. There is no way I will ever use anyone else than Afrihost

Jandre said

I signed up last month and freakin love the service, the best!
Will the normal 2mbps uncapped clients also get discount? :)

You guys rock! New speeds are great!


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