Afrihost Adds Mystery to Capped DSL
  • 16 Sep

Afrihost Adds Mystery to Capped DSL

We've heard many of our Capped DSL clients asking us whether we will be offering Mystery Bonuses this month. The answer is - ABSOLUTELY YES!! It wouldn't be a Mystery if we didn't keep you in suspense - just a little. All our Capped DSL clients can start checking their mailboxes for our famous Mystery Bonus mails.

We've offered quite a few Mystery Bonuses and Discounts throughout the year, giving millions of Rands in value and free data back to our clients.The promotion is entirely intended to thank our loyal clients for their support, and to add just a little extra awesome to their Afrihost experience.

Clients could have up to 240% of their data added back to their Capped DSL allocation for September, which would effectively more than triple their data for the month. For example, if you're currently paying R145 for 10GB at R14.50 per GB and you received a 240% bonus, you could receive 34GB for the same price - effectively for just over R4 per GB. That's incredible value for money, whichever way you look at it!

Mystery Bonus Data is added as an immediate topup on your existing Capped Data. Any unused data will expire at the end of the month, just like regular Topups. 

Mystery Bonuses MUST be claimed before the 24th of September, when the promotion expires - so DON'T MISS OUT!!!

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Charlie Hamilton said

Great news, guys! Bring it on.

Farouk Mahomed said

Excellent! More offers like this please.

Leon said

Oh no! Not free data again - I don’t know what to do with all this data anymore :-)

Anwaar said

2013 has been a good harvest from Afrihost. Thanks Gian!

Anwaar said

Thanks Afrihost!

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