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  • 08 Sep

AfriGamer Servers Launched

AfriGamerWe’re ecstatic to announce our new AfriGamer Servers. Loaded with some popular gaming titles, now is the time to get online and start gaming.

As you know, games are only as fun as the people you play with, which is why we’re not putting silly restrictions on our servers to keep non Afrihost users out - Everyone is Welcome! Of course it won’t hurt that Afrihost users are on the same network as the servers, resulting in lower latency - which might just help you land that extra point you need to win the game.

We will be expanding our list of gaming titles in the coming weeks as more people start usng the service so check back often to see what cool new games we have available.

Currently we support the following games
• Counter-Strike Source
• Team Fortress 2
• Left 4 Dead 2
• Brink
• Homefront

For info on how to connect to these game servers, please visit the AfriGamer Servers page

We’d also love to hear back from you as to what Games you would like to see on our servers, along with any other comments you might have surrounding this new service.

UPDATE (9 Nov 2011): Please note that we are currently in talks with major game distributors to try and get some of the popular new titles you have requested - unfortunately it is a slow process but we hope to have good news in the next few weeks.

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Douglas said

COD Black Ops or when MW3 comes out would be fantastic!!!!

Michael said

Great stuff! Hopefully Battlefield 3 gets added to this list when the time comes :)

Pieter van Graan said

Good afternoon.

I do hope that you will be including Battlefield 3 in your games list, or even Battlefield Bad Company 2. This service is great, especially for afrihost users, with the lower latency and all.

Thank you

werner said

you guys just keep on improving your service and are just awesomeness!!!!!

afrihost for life!!!!

RIchard said

I approve of this :D

werner said

you guys are the bomb digity!!!!!

just sorry you guys can’t host COD servers, hopefully when MW3 and BF3 release you will be hosting servers for both games!!

Afrihost for life….

@ThatJerryBoi said


I really think Afrihost is one of the best ISP’s out there and this is yet another reason as to why.

Keep at it Gian - you da man!

Gena said

If you can manage to host Battlefield 3 servers, you will cement your place in this market
Wishing Afrihost well here

Tiens van Zyl said

Hi guys

Excellent news! Could you advise if you will be hosting BF3 and maybe Trackmania servers?
Could you also advise if clans will be able to rent servers from you to host Clan servers?

Tyrone Ducci said

BattleField 3 guys, if you organise something like that most of my friends will migrate to Afrihost.

Jiggy said

Awesome Stuff, How About cod Black ops?

igloonaut said

Battlefield 3 servers at launch would make you Kings and you will have cake!

JP said

Battlefield 3, when it is released later in the year.

Wayne said

Sweet!! On the CS:S server, maby you guys could also make do of a “points system” like Saix and IS servers. I played a bit on the css server and the latency is oh so sweet!

AJ said

I would say COD4 Servers will be a big welcome.

Chris said

Like everyone says Battlefield 3.

I tried playing on your tf2 server and wow. Everyone, even those with lesser isp’s, said their ping was rock solid unlike a popular alternate. Great job!

Now if you guys would do like another ISP, get a steam content server up and make it so that when we use it or play on your servers we don’t use bandwidth. Well if that happens you guys will offically be the best isp in SA. No one would be able to dispute that.

One of the few ISP’s going forward! Afrihost for life!

Ralton said

Good news indeed.
BF2142, BFBC2,BF3,Killing Floor,Operation Flashpoint,COD Series,L4D Series,Homefront.

RIaan said


a Minecraft server would be awesome, i know WAGE has one but its no fun

Ivan said

Nice! Red Orchestra 2 server, please.

Bernard Visagie said

A Heroes of Newerth server would be great! Also I an probably many many others would love to see BF3 servers when the game becomes available guys. Thanks for this great new value add from

Ernest said

Absolutely Fantastic. BF3 would be nice, COD BO is dead so don’t even bother. Clan servers, please!

Stephen said

All the Call of Duty titles - servers and thankx for this exceptional service—I am impressed, so dont let us down later!

jacosmitza said

Yes, please. BFBC2 and BF3 servers please for Conquest & Rush (at least). Guessing the EA Ranked Servers are costing a little fortune.

Wybrand said

PLEASE get cod Black ops/ mw3 and battlefield 3 on that list, also HON and dota 2

Hein said

Even though Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is an older title, it is still very popular.  I would really appreciate some Call of Duty 4 servers.  Thank you for the great service guys :D

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