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  • 19 Sep

It’s a Kind of Afri-Magic!

Since we started managing Telkom ADSL Lines, we’ve spent many late nights thinking about how to best assist clients having problems with their lines. The challenge has been the technical and confusing nature of the various tools and processes which our support consultants need to go through to get ADSL lines up and running. The aim is to empower not to confuse, and this has always been a stumbling block.

Enter our Amazing Development Team, who determined exactly what processes needed to be followed and what the nature of client’s line complaints were, and developed a nifty and easy-to-use tool which any client can use to kick start their ADSL Line, provided it is signed up with us.

Where can I find it?

In your ClientZone, by selecting MyProducts > MyTelkomLines. The control panel now features an icon labeled “Fix My ADSL Line”.

What does it do?

Without being too technical, it determines the optimal speed that your line can perform at, and syncs the line (i.e. resets the port). This resolves 9 out of 10 line issues where the line is either slow or not able to connect.

The tool runs immediately online and takes about two minutes. You will the receive a success message and you can check out the results.

When should I use it?

If your line is not connecting at all, or if your browsing or download speeds seems slower than usual. Also, if you find you get “up and down” speeds, it might help to stabilize at an optimal speed.

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Eswill said

Brilliant! See - Afrihost listens and puts the client first!

Leon said

Just ordered a line transfer and upgrade.  The communication from Afrihost is amazing - always keeping me in the loop.

Matan Uberstein said


Greg said

The transfer of the management of my ADSL line to Afrihost is complete and I’ve just received my Telkom statement - which confirms that all the billing has been done correctly. So I’ll now be paying you guys ... it feels so much better to be handing over my dosh to those who are more deserving to receive it!

Antonie said

Really sounds great and will likely be a huge help.

Allen said

Heeey Haaaa…

From 1Mbps download to 5Mbps download in one click…. screen shots to prove it :)

Nice One Afrihost!


Siphamandla said

Awesome stufff!!!!!!!!

Charles Champion said

Fantastic guys, I am sure this is going to be very handy. Thank you!

Peter said

Excellent work! Thanks Afrihost, especially because one can now restet the ADSL line from one’s Smart Phone. I don’t do this very often, but it really takes the pain out of the process.

Antoinette said

Sounds promising !!

Ash said


Ryno van Eeden said

You guys should be in government!!! We love you Afrihost! Definitely one of the best companies in South Africa! Well done on this amazing new initiative!

Walter Groenewald said

Nice work AfriHost. Now I wonder why **** with all their money and technical expretise could not do something as simple, yet effective as this years ago.
I got the advice from Afrihost about a year ago to ask Telkom to “resync the line and reset the ports” and I’ve been using this magic little phrase with them with great results.
Now my line is migrated to Afrihost and we can do it ourselves! Fantastic!
Well done and keep the good service and offerings coming!

Jan Geyser said

This is wonderful news!

Laurence said

Great news! Well done guys.

Rufis said

Haven’t tried that yet but you guys surely listen to clients. Nice going. I think many gamers will be happy.

Christine said

Great! Thanks AfriHost! What a relief to be dealing with a company who puts the customers needs first. Have just used this facility and it has worked (in less than 3 mins!). So glad I chose Afrihost for my internet service. Keep up the excellent work.

Jacques said

Great! Asked for this months and months ago (calling in each month to have the connection reset….).

Seth said

Bravo, I knew moving my line management from Telkom to you guys was the right move :)

Keep up the great work.

Veronique Palmer said

You guys need a like and BIG like to your posts, fabulous idea!  I’m going to switch the management of my ADSL line to you guys right now.  Thanks for taking the time to always think about your customers and coming up with products that actually work for us.  Well done!

Hilton Fester said

Awesome.  This will eliminate so much frustration

João Fortuna said

Great news. Thanks Afrihost.

andy said

This is good service! “gufmentdepartments"can learn from Afrihost what the word SERVICE means!

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