• 20 Aug

4000 Additional FREE MiFi Devices!!

We've had an unbelievable response to our Mobile Data offering! Even though we quadrupled our server capacity – it was still overwhelmed by the traffic to our site! We were completely surprised by the incredible amount of people interested in our offer.

We sold over a thousand pre-orders within minutes of our offer going live. However, some consumers trying to sign up encountered technical errors due to load. This unfortunately resulted in some clients being disappointed and very frustrated, and we'd like to do something about that.

We're going to be giving away another 4,000 FREE MiFi devices!

We've already given away 1,000 free MiFi devices, at a total value of over R2.7 million rand for the devices and data!!  By dipping deeper into our marketing budget, we'll be giving back even more at a grand total of R13.9 million!!

We'll be opening the offer again in the next few minutes, so we encourage any consumers who missed the initial offer to use their invitation link again to claim this awesome offer!

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Suzanne Nicholas said

I would definitely love to receive one of these devices! I have sent several emails as well as requests on your Facebook Page, requesting you guys launch Mobile internet. I used to use you as my provider when I was using ADSL, and simply loved your Uncapped package. I was very sad when we had to change our landline phone at home to a wireless phone due to cable theft and was very sad to not use your services any longer. I am totally ecstatic that you have at last decided to join the wireless network.

Greg Quail said

I am not even a subscriber to you, got the invite from a friend. Thank you so much for adding more devices. I was a little upset I could not create an account due to the overwhelming response you guys had, but once you added the extra units I was able to create the account and get my special offer. Thank you so much!

Anine van de Venter said

I would love a free device!


Would really like to be able to get one of these MiFi devices.

Paul Jordan said

I would love one of of these devices, I am very happy with the service I get. Keep it up, AFRIHOST.

Charmaine Hefer said

Would die for a free mifi - love your specials and def want to join

Edward said

I would love to have one of these mifi gadgets so as to be truly mobile in a business outing in a taxi with colleagues at business on the move. Now this would be really awesomw.

Dwaine said

Been with Afrihost for 6 years and no one can beat their prices.

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