• 13 Jan

26 Lucky Afrihost Clients

iPad and iPodsThis past December we ran a competition where we were giving away 25x 6th Generation iPod Nanos and a 64GB 3G+ WiFi Apple iPad with a year’s free Mobile 3G Internet.

All you had to do to enter was be an Afrihost Client.

Here are the lucky winners

64GB 3G+WiFi iPad with 1 year’s Mobile Broadband Winner

Werner Botha

25x 6th Generation iPod Nano Winners


Trish Roberts

Kerry Swemmer

Robert Schaafsma

Rayson Wiggill

Pierre Nel

Gaen Bowen-Davies

Nicholas Lindenberg

Johann Matthys

Morne Van Wyk

Zakariya Ally

Kkeletso Khena

Bessie Kasonde Mulenga

JW Calitz

Jan Venter

Ebrahim Akhalwaya

Hein du Plessis

Carl Heiberg

Grant Silverstone

Franziska Schmidt-Anton

Marcus Mc Kenzie

Sven Mahieu

Dirk van Rooyen

Daryl Sass

Andrew Keats

Adrian Mego


Congratulations to all our lucky winners!
We will be in touch shortly regarding your prize.

Pure Internet Joy!

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Gregory Mkhize said

I love afrihost

murraybiscuit said

hi. apparently morne is unable to accept his prize. he asked me to accept it on his behalf.
congrats everybody and thanks afrihost for the comp.

jacques r said

Afrihost is the best, because their clients know that they will always supply them with the best possible services.    well done team AFRIHOST.

Werner Botha said

I love my iPad!! :)

Hein du Plessis said

Can I swop mine for bandwidth??

Jokes - thanks Afrihost.

Werner Botha said

THANX A LOT!! For my iPad AND Internet!!!!

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