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  • @brentsw3 Hi Brent, are you referring to the mail server or the connectivity itself?^Modiegi

    14 minutes ago

  • @garyalfonso From looking at your profile, I can see that a team leader has since escalated to the fibre provider,…

    16 minutes ago

  • @KailasB Let's try not have that happen again, I will try help as far as I can. Can you advise what the issue is? ^Modiegi

    about 1 hour ago

Afrihost Harlem Shake!

We get our CEO Gian Visser to take on the Harlem Shake.


02 Mar, 2013 at 16:09 0 Share

DSL in less than 2 Minutes

Learn in less than two minutes what DSL is all about and why DSL from Afrihost is your your best choice for broadband connectivity in South Africa.


28 Feb, 2013 at 16:38 0 Share