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Afrihost will be operational during the lockdown period and we'll try to deliver your order as quick as possible.

Delivery via courier remains available, as well as support via Help Centre, WhatsApp, email and phone. However, collections at Afrihost HQ will be unavailable.

Afrihost Hosting Outage Report

We have experienced three incidents in November 2013 affecting our Web Hosting services. These occurred at our Gallo Manor Data Centre. The incidents were as follows:

15 November - Problems related to Cloud Storage Firmware Update Resulting in Slow or Unresponsive Cloud Servers
26 November - DOS (Denial of Service) attack resulting in a loss of connectivity, and network issues preventing restoring of normal connectivity and services
27 November - Broadcast Storm within the Data Centre, resulting in slow connectivity and VM countermeasures being partially deployed


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Hosting the Future with Afrihost

We are dropping costs for our Hosting Clients yet again! Not satisfied with winning the ISP of the Year for an unprecedented third year in a row at this year’s MyBroadband conference, we will be focussing our attention on making our Cloud and Dedicated Hosting products even more attractive to home and business clients.

We will be dropping our bandwidth costs for Cloud servers to an incredible 97c per GB!! This means that clients who exceed their package traffic threshold will be charged less than R1 per GB for additional traffic, down from R3.50. Excess traffic costs for physical dedicated servers will also drop massively from R7 per GB to just R2.97 per GB, and web traffic on Rack Hosting will drop from R12 per GB to just R5!


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Afrihost Doubles Up on Mobile Data!

We are creating major ripples on the Mobile Broadband scene! As three-time ISP of the Year, we are doing it again - by giving away Double Data on our standard Mobile Data packages until the end of February 2014!


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Afrihost WINS in THREES!

We're offering 3 for 1 Topups on Mobile Data for 24 hours! From 12:01am tomorrow, you can buy more data from just R33 per GB! Don't miss out!


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ISP of the Year 2013

Afrihost breaks all the records by clinching the ISP of the Year Award for the third year running!


09 Oct, 2013 at 14:28 38 Share

Afrihost’s Capped Innovation

We're SLASHING our Capped DSL prices! Get the lowest bandwidth rates on offer from just R3.99 per GB! Unbeatable, unmistakeable, undeniably Afrihost style!


18 Sep, 2013 at 12:00 6 Share

Afrihost Adds Mystery to Capped DSL

We're giving away Mystery Bonuses again! If you're a Capped DSL client, check your mailbox and play your Mystery Bonus for up 240% more Awesomeness!!


16 Sep, 2013 at 18:36 5 Share

Afrihost Goes 2-for-1 on Mobile Topups!

We're sweetening our Mobile Data launch deals by offering 2 for 1 Mobile Data Topups until the end of the year! DON'T MISS OUT!!


05 Sep, 2013 at 08:25 8 Share

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