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Afrihost FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Data FAQs

How does delivery work and how much does it cost?

A Delivery Fee of R149 will apply to SIM Cards on orders where the cart value or 12-month value of the transaction is less than R1000.

Our courier will contact each client individually within 2 Business Days (upon clearance of payment). Final delivery will then be subject to client’s availability and available delivery time slots in those areas.

Deliveries take place during business hours on weekdays, weekends are excluded from all time calculations.

Delivery times stated do not include additional delays for payment clearance.

Credit card payments are verified immediately, while a delay of up to 5 working days can be expected with Debit Orders for verification and clearing of funds (depending on the bank payment is made from).

Can I use my MTN SIM card to access Afrihost Mobile Data?

Yes. MTN clients will be able to sign up for APN access to Afrihost Data from their existing MTN SIM cards. Simply go to our Mobile Data page, choose the data package you want, choose the 'Existing MTN SIM Card' option in the order form and fill in your MTN phone number. We will then enable your new data package to work on your MTN SIM card and will send you all the details of how to setup the Afrihost APN on your phone. 

Can I use my SIM from another operator to access Mobile Data?

No. Only MTN clients will be able to make use of Afrihost mobile data. If your contract is up for renewal, it might be a great time to consider porting your number over to MTN! 

Can I use Afrihost Mobile Data on a SIM that already uses Axxess Mobile Data?

Unfortunately not, Axxess and Afrihost use the same system, which means that only one can be provisioned to a SIM at a time. If you want to use Afrihost Mobile Data you will first have to de-provision your Axxess APN.

Can I make voice calls on my SIM card?

This is currently only available on Afrihost Mobile Voice Packages. Available Here »

Can I use the 3G Device I got from another operator to access Mobile Data?

If the device is not network locked you should be able to use the device, provided you have ordered the correct SIM Card size from us for your device.

Will Afrihost provide Nano SIMs?

We provide SIM cards in three sizes - standard, micro and nano. Please ensure that you select the correct size when you place your order.

If we travel overseas, is it possible to use the MiFi?

This is currently only available on Afrihost Mobile Voice Packages. For now there is no way to migrate the SIMs from one platform to the other, however we are working towards being able to do this in future. We can unfortunately at this time not comment on when or if this will definitely be possible. 

Find out More »

Will I be charged if using international roaming?

This is currently only available on Afrihost Mobile Voice Packages. For now there is no way to migrate the SIMs from one platform to the other, however we are workung towards being able to do this in future. We can unfortunately at this time not comment on when or if this will definitely be possible. 

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What happens if my bundle data is used up before the end of the month?

Once you have run out of your bundle data, you will be capped until the 1st of the following month. You will be able to top up at any time at R99 per GB, from ClientZone, our Mobile Apps or via SMS. There will be no unexpected Out-of-Bundle charges. You will be in charge of when and how much you Topup.

What areas does your network cover?

You can use our coverage map as a guideline to the areas (within the Republic of South Africa) that will be covered, and by which services.

What RICA Documents will I need to produce when the courier arrives?

You will need to have your original barcoded Identity Document or the foreign passport you used to sign up (including any support documents). You will also need a valid proof of residence which can be a utility or retail invoice (no older than 3 months) or a valid lease agreement (no older than 12 months). You will need to produce the original documents, as well as copies for our courier to take. The copies do not need to be certified as the courier will compare them to the originals in your presence.

VERY IMPORTANT: The person who signed up the package (and whose ID is presented) must be present to receive the package, as this is part of the RICA process.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: For any lost documents, like ID's, we will require an affidavit and a temporary replacement 

What if I live in a complex or apartment complex?

This should not be a problem, but please remember to provide FULL details on your signup form, including your Unit Number, Block Number, and any other specific details to aid our courier to find you easily.

How do I track my parcel delivery?

You'll be able to track your delivery process in ClientZone 2.0, or you can give us a call and we'll give you an update. Please remember to use the Waybill Number to track your parcel, rather than your ClientZone username.

Can I change or edit my delivery address or delivery time?

Our courier will email you 24-48 hours before the scheduled delivery to confirm your address and the time they will arrive. Please reply to them as quickly as possible with any changes or amendments, so that they can factor these in accordingly.

Will my unused Mobile Data rollover to the following month?

No, like our DSL bandwidth, unused data will expire at the end of the month, and new data will be allocated on the 1st of the new month.

Please note that Mobile Data Topups will only expire at the end of the next month. For example, if you buy a data topup on 5 February, your topup data will only expire at midnight on 31 March - giving you even more value.