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  • 10 Nov

What are the Most Common Web Hosting Issues?

Before migrating your website to a web hosting company, it is good to know what some of the issues are that could challenge you and your website.

Some Website Challenges

Some of these include the following:

  • Difficulty with uploading can be due to you loading an out-dated version of your site, or you may have uploaded your site in the incorrect area.
  • None of the images you uploaded to your web hosting account are showing on the website. You may have to repeat the uploading, or the images are in an incorrect folder.
  • The website is down – this may be due some alterations you made to the website, or the hosting company could be having some downtime, or the domain name has changed.
  • The layout of the website is just showing text and nothing else. This is because the cascade style sheet (CSS) is missing. A cascade style sheet is mostly used to for establishing the style of web pages.

The Speed of your Website

Your web hosting company is the deciding factor regarding the speed of your website. That is why it is so critical to do due diligence in searching for the right web hosting service. Ensure that the users you are trying to impact are close to the web host’s data centres.

Nothing is more off-putting to potential clients than a slow website. In addition, your website will have a poor SEO profile, because a slow speed will affect the ranking of the website, which again means a loss of potential visitors. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation refers to a methodology that is used to better a website’s prominence in Google Search by improving its search rankings without using search adverts.

Network latency refers to the time it takes for a data packet (a basic unit of communication) to be sent from an outside server and arrive at your computer. There can be quite a substantial increase in latency when data packets are sent from overseas servers.

Web Hosting Costs and ‘Unlimited’ Bandwidth

Nothing is for free, and so when a web hosting company offers free hosting, you need to ask yourself ‘what’s the catch?’ Before you sign up, find out if they will display adverts on your website and so on.

If you do sign up, make sure that there is enough bandwidth, and that you are able to upgrade to a paid account sometime in the future, should you want to. Bandwidth is the name given to a range of frequencies occurring within a band, when a signal is sent. Check the small print, especially when it comes to “unlimited” bandwidth – usually it will be capped.

Efficient Client Service

Friendly and efficient client service is key success factor to the wellbeing of any web hosting company. In fact, it is critical. It cannot be emphasised enough that a web hosting company is dealing with humans, and when they need attention, they need attention. Not later, and not tomorrow, but now.

It’s all very well when everything is going smoothly with your website and the hosting company, but what happens when that snag hits your website? You need to establish beforehand the usual response time of the company to a request for any assistance.

This is when a live 24/7 channel of communication will really impress clients. The company needs to ensure that there is always sufficient staff to man the channel, even when some members may suddenly be absent due to e.g. illness.

It doesn’t matter what super-hosting, multi-million-rand infrastructure the web host may have – if the clients are not assisted in a courteous and effective manner, the web host will lose them. This is what the web hosting company Afrihost has strived for, so much so that they won an award in the 2017 PriceCheck & E-Commerce Awards for the “Best Customer Service” in South Africa. E-commerce is when transactions are done online.

If possible, look out on the hosting company’s website for testimonials written by clients concerning the type of client service they have received. In addition, independent reviews conducted on say the best hosting companies in South Africa should also reveal a lot.

Superb Technical support and Hosting Infrastructure

Prevention is better than cure, and a superb, 24/7 technical support will ensure that client frustration will be minimised. Clients want to feel reassured that in the event of a server crash, their websites can be swiftly restored. After all, their business depends upon it. Examine the company’s maintenance strategy of the hosting system.

Acceptable Uptimes

Excellent maintenance of the hosting system will ensure that uptimes stay in the region of 99.5% or more. Uptime refers to the amount of time a server is kept up and running, and is usually expressed as a percentage. Downtimes are regarded in a serious light, as they can cause losses in business. Establish what kind of uptime record the company that you have in mind has.


You need to reassure yourself that your web hosting company has all the necessary security measures in place, in the event of something such as a cyberattack. Don’t wait to find out once you have joined.

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