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  • 10 Nov

Get Afrihost’s Web Hosting for Award-winning Customer Service

When looking for a new service provider, the first thing we ask is “how do we know this company is of a high standard?” And so, we look for evidence that will provide answers to this question. Let us read on and discover what makes Afrihost a top web hosting company in South Africa. A web hosting company is one that hosts websites on its server.

PriceCheck – where it all started

PriceCheck was founded by Kevin Tucker in 2006, and has expanded to become Africa’s top company which enables any shopper to compare the prices of millions of products from many, many stores. This is a product discovery and price comparison service.

Inspired by the fact that technology and e-commerce were growing significantly in South Africa, it became imperative that the e-commerce industry began to recognize and reward those who were making massive contributions in various categories, through innovative advancements. The idea of an award system is not only to elevate to prominence those who are the finalists, but also to encourage other nominees.

What are the PriceCheck & E-Commerce Awards?

The whole point of the PriceCheck & E-Commerce Awards is to give awards to companies, organisations, and individuals for their outstanding performance in e-commerce. These awards are now in their second year, and, in addition, also include NGOs that are involved with technology and e-commerce. Awarding such NGOs would stimulate recognition of their amazing service to the community, using technology.

Criteria used for choosing the awards include fairness, the public’s view point as well as being dependent on the expertise of a panel of 7 expert judges, namely, Lynette Hundermark, Duan Guasco, Toby Shapsak, Michele Lozzo, Matthew Buckland, Geoff Cohen, and Mich Atagana. Each one has made huge in-roads into e-commerce in South Africa.

In June 2017, nominations were put forward by the public for the best e-commerce service or individual. Voting took place during July, and on 5 September 2017, after having considered all 44,500 votes, the judges announced a short-list.

On 14 September 2017, the awards were given at a ceremony in the Westin Hotel, Cape Town.

There were altogether 15 categories, and no company walked away with more than one award. In the category “Best Customer Service,” Afrihost won the award, while Bidorbuy, and were the other two contenders in that category.

Seeing Afrihost clinched the award for “Best Customer Service,” it makes sense to take a peek at how Afrihost serves its clients

Afrihost’s Client Service

Afrihost is so passionate about providing its web hosting service to its clients, that it guarantees to pay a client double the money back should he or she want to leave within the first 60 days.  

They say proof lies in the eating of the pudding, and this is what unsolicited client testimonials are all about. Clients praise Afrihost for their excellent telephonic and technical support, by going out of their way to assist. This kind of support is vital to any client, and without it, the client won’t be able to make it.

With regard to email communication, all emails created with the website hosted with Afrihost are subjected to anti-virus scanning, which intercepts thousands of viruses monthly. Regarding spam, the acclaimed Anti-Spam software package called Spam Assassin is used when the client’s website is hosted with Afrihost. Spam refers to unsolicited and irrelevant messages sent over the Internet.

Amongst other things, clients also mention Afrihost’s fast download speed, and the low cost for services rendered. A client’s website is hosted on the latest web technology, which comprises Quad Core Intel Xeon-based systems. All of Afrihost’s web servers are found in Data Centres in Johannesburg, and provide superb connection to the South African network as well as the International one.

Do you have more questions about Afrihost’s web hosting? Feel free to contact us or browse our web hosting FAQ section. 


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