Introducing Afrihost Answers
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Introducing Afrihost Answers

Stalwart Afrihost users may remember our Knowledgebase – think of it as an Afrihost Wiki – which was a great tool for both new and existing clients alike to learn about Afrihost, as well as the basics of running a server, and even how ADSL works! Keeping things up to date and relevant on the Knowledgebase wasn’t as easy as we wanted, and as time passed the Knowledgebase started to fall out of date.  After brainstorming and running through many alternative solutions Art finally had a solution. 


The one thing I love more than providing our clients with great service and even greater deals, is empowering our clients and making it easier for them to do what they want to do! Whether it’s’ configuring an ADSL modem, setting up an email client, learning about cPanel, or even designing a Wordpress website!

Using Answers is as easy as following the above link, and posting your question! I would think about registering a profile though, since we are planning on having regular giveaways and even rewarding regular contributors, and you know how much the Afrihost Team enjoys giving away awesome prizes.

Don’t have any Questions? Then maybe you can provide some Answers! Answers is meant to be an open way for us to interact with our clients, and them with us. So if you see a Question that you can Answer, please help us in creating an awesome repository of useful info that we can share with all of our clients!  

And if you don’t have time to add an Answer? Fear not! For you can help us in another way. Great Answers to Questions that have been posted can be Up Voted to make sure that the most up to date and relevant Answer is always the first to appear. 

I really hope you can join together with us and share a bit of wisdom, knowhow and tips and tricks with your fellow user! 


By Eugene Klopper

Eugene spends most of his time marveling at the wonders of the Internet, sometimes he may share his discoveries.

Follow him on @Cent1803

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