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Here’s what you can get with Afrihost Plus+

Mobile Data
Stay connected anywhere with FREE extra mobile data.
Double Data
Always get double your normal monthly data allocation.
2-for-1 Topups
Get 100% additional FREE
data with every topup.
Double Turbocharges
on Uncapped DSL
Maximise your speed, plus avoid shaping for a predefined time.
Softcapping on
Capped DSL
No more getting cut off when you run out of data.

How much will you save?

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The Web Surfer
The Social Media Queen
The Downloader

Let's Meet Rajesh

He has a 100GB Capped DSL account, watches the occasional YouTube video and keeps all his smart devices up-to-date. He also has 3GBs of Mobile Data to keep him connected wherever he goes. Here's what Rajesh would save every month with Afrihost Plus+

Extra Mobile Data
500MB Package
R39 value
Soft Capped DSL
15GBs Additional Usage
R75 saving
Double Data
3GBs Extra Mobile Data
R145 saving
Total worth Rajesh gets
with Afrihost Plus+