Afrihost DSL Network

International Network Fibre Network
Direct International Access on WACS
Direct International Access on EASSy
Direct International Access on WACS
Nationwide Coverage
We have coverage across South Africa thanks to the expansive Telkom (Openserve) National DSL Network. We are able to provide DSL Broadband in most urban and suburban areas.
IPC Capacity
We have one of the largest DSL Interconnects in South Africa to ensure we're able to meet the ever growing demands of users on our DSL Network!
Thanks to our IPC points of presence in the 3 Major South African Regions, you'll get routed to the world wide web in the shortest, most efficient route - regardless of where you are.

Internet Problems?

Having problems with your Internet Connection? Head over to our Network Status page to check if there are any issues at the moment.

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How DSL Broadband Internet Works

How We Bring the Web to Your Home

Your Premises

Your Computer, Tablets, Smartphones, Game Consoles etc. connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable to your local DSL connection.

Telkom (Openserve) Network

Your modem connects to the Telkom (Openserve) network via your DSL-Enabled Copper Landline. You are then routed via Telkom's IPC from the Telkom (Openserve) Network to the Afrihost Network. IPC is a connection owned by Telkom (Openserve) which connects their DSL infrastructure to other Service Providers.

The Afrihost Network

We've built a state-of-the-art Fixed Broadband Network which connects local Points-of-Presence with the World Wide Web.

The Internet

Using our advanced Broadband Network we connect you to the Internet using multiple high-speed local and international undersea cables.

Network Management

Shaping and Prioritisation with Afrihost Fixed Broadband

In order to ensure that everybody has the best experience, we manage our network by prioritising different types of traffic so that our clients' Internet is running as smoothly as possible - no matter the time of the day or the utilisation of the network. Click on the button below to see how our network is managed.

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