Which Speed is Right for Me?

There are lots of factors in determining the right package for you, we'll ask you some questions about how you use the internet to help you make the best choice.

Below are some general scenarios for Internet Usage. Pick the most relevant answer for each scenario. Also factor in that each service or device you use simultaneously would be sharing your internet connection, so the more services and devices used, the higher your connection speed should be for the best experience.

After you make your selections we will suggest the speed applicable based on your answers to ensure you get the experience best suited to you.

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Based on your selections, we suggest that you get a line speed of at least {{ suggestion.speed.replace('+', '') }}.

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For Cloud Services that involve syncing data across devices, like backups or media, it is important to have a good upload speed. Please note that the examples above are estimations and can be affected by a number of variables. They should only be used as a guide. If you have any questions about your specific setup please consult a friendly Afrihost Team Member via any of our support channels.