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*Valid as at 15 May 2014
Pay only 10c per MB for Out-of-Bundle Mobile Data!

Get Connected the Afrihost Way!

We've introduced a revolutionary opt-in Out-of-Bundle service on our Mobile Data Packages, which lets you decide exactly what your maximum extra data or spend is each month – a first in the South African Market! And we're not stopping there either – it's also THE CHEAPEST Out-of-Bundle Mobile Data you can get!

Ready for more Mind-Blowing Awesome? All our packages are Contract-Free! Yes, that's right, no 24-month commitments here. You can cancel whenever you want (as long as it's before the 23rd of any given month).

Since you're probably salivating at this point and wondering what the catch is, we're going to really drive the offer home.

You can even get your spanking new Afrihost SIM card delivered* straight to your door. And PS: There are no catches, just more awesome than you can probably handle.

You also won't have to worry about complex RICA procedures – Just have your RICA docs ready when our courier arrives!

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* A RICA Delivery Fee of R149 will be charged for all SIM deliveries. Final delivery will be subject to client’s availability and available delivery time slots in those areas. Deliveries take place during business hours on weekdays, weekends are excluded from all time calculations. Delivery times stated do not include additional delays for payment clearance. Credit card payments are verified immediately, while a delay of up to 5 working days can be expected with Debit Orders for verification and clearing of funds (depending on the bank).

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Already Have a Mobile Device?

So you've got a shiny Mobile Device, which you want to connect to the Internet without it costing an arm and a leg?

Here's how Afrihost Mobile Works.

Connect via your MTN SIM

MTN clients can easily get their SIM Cards hooked up for Afrihost's Awesome, Affordable Mobile Data.

Here's what you do.

Connect Multiple Devices to Afrihost Mobile Data

Want to connect More than one device to our Mobile Data? No Problem!

With an Afrihost Mobile MiFi you can connect Multiple Devices to our absolutely awesome network.

Magnificent Mobile Devices

To make sure you can access the internet on your PC, tablet or smartphone, you’ll need the right Mobile Data device to get the very best performance. You can choose between a range of 3G or LTE devices. Our USB devices are perfect for connecting individual PCs, or to use with compatible DSL modems that support Mobile failover. Our Mobile Wi-Fis can connect as many as 10 wireless devices (depending on the model) like iPads or iPhones so you can make sure you and all your peeps can get online at once.

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Awesome Mobile Data Features

No Contracts
No hidden clauses, no clever conditions - because there are no contracts! Sign up when you want, how you want, and on your own terms!
Fast Connectivity
Our Packages are HSPA+ and LTE-capable! Enjoy Broadband Freedom brought to you by Afrihost and Powered by the MTN Network, should your area have coverage.
National Coverage
Our Network has Expansive Coverage in all Major Cities, Towns and on National Roads. Your broadband will always only be a click away.
Don't fall for high prices! From an effective R24,85 per GB, EVERYONE can have Mobile Data! It's the best deal this side of the universe, and there are no catches or hidden costs!
No Hidden Costs
No Setup or Connection Fees, affordable Out-of-Bundle rates, Topup at affordable rates! It's your choice (no sneakiness - guaranteed)!
Legendary Support
Our team of experts are standing by to take your call, email or SMS to make sure you get the absolute best from your Mobile Data. You can even submit support requests from ClientZone.

Have any Questions?

If you are feeling unsure about our Mobile Data products or need to find out more information, please feel free to read through our Mobile Data FAQs or email us at

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