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Please provide us with the details of your current provider below. Please note that a Service Provider resells services from a Network Provider.

1. Which Network are you on?

2. Are you in a contract?

3. Who is your Service Provider?

* Usually the same as your Mobile Network Provider

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Possible Delays

Nothing in life is perfect and it may happen that the Porting process takes longer than expected.
Many issues resolve themselves after about 48 hours from when port is complete.
Below are a few reasons why your porting may be delayed.

The Centralised Reference Database (CRDB)

The Centralised Reference Database (CRDB) is the central authority that manages porting in South Africa. When a port request is made, the number is transferred to the CRDB (at which point the number is not with any network) from your Old Network Provider, and is then requested by the New Network Provider (in our case MTN).

Afrihost has limited insight into the porting process and we are only able to see the status of your port request.

Old Network Provider disconnects the number too early

It may happen that your Old Network Provider disconnects your number too early and you will not be able to make or receive calls.

In this case please contact your Old Network Provider as they have not followed the porting process correctly.

The number is stuck at CRDB

Your number may still be in the CRDB holding pool. During this time you will not be able to make or receive calls.

The CRDB must complete the porting process to transfer control of your number to MTN. This can take up to 48 hours – please be patient until the process is complete.

The number fails at MTN due to a conflicting request

You may have requested a port and also activated a new SIM at the same time. The network has tried to assign both numbers at once and failed.

MTN's systems will rectify this within 48 hours. If this problem has not been resolved after 48 hours, please contact our Support team.

The number was ported away from MTN previously

Historical custom settings on your number can cause a conflict.

MTN's systems will rectify this within 48 hours. If this problem has not been resolved after 48 hours, please contact our Support team.

The Old Network Provider claims that the port was not requested and makes a 'Port Back' request

The 'Port Back' request must be honoured and your number will be moved back to your Old Network Provider. You will have to wait until your number is moved back to your Old Network Provider before you can request to port again.

Please contact your Old Network Provider if you are not sure why the 'Port Back' request was made.


If you experience any other problems, contact our Support team.
Please give as much detail as possible and a timeline of what has already happened and
how much time has transpired since your last action (whether successful or not).



Will the previous Afrihost Mobile Data SIMS be able to do voice calls as well?

Unfortunately the two SIM cards are setup on completely different platforms. For now there is no way to migrate the SIMs from one platform to the other, however we are working towards being able to do this in future. We can unfortunately at this time not comment on when or if this will definitely be possible.

What happens to my Airtime, Data and SMSes when I move from my current provider to Afrihost?

You will lose all Airtime, Data, SMS bundles as well as other credits held with with your current Service Provider. Any messages you have saved on your old SIM Card (SMS, MMS & Voice) will also be lost.

What happens to my Balances when I opt‑in from MTN Prepaid to the Afrihost Service?

You will retain any airtime you currently have with the MTN Prepaid service, along with data and sms bundles. These will expire according to their original criteria and not be influenced by the Afrihost Service offering.

When can I request a port transfer?

Mondays-Fridays (Public Holidays Excluded) – 09:00-17:00

Saturdays (Public Holidays Excluded) – 09:00-13:00

Sundays – Port Requests are not processed on Sundays

When does the port transfer happen?

All porting happens between 22:30-23:30 on all days except Public holidays.

Should the port request be received in time on a particular day and your request is accepted, you should be able to port on the same day that the request is made.

Transfers can also be scheduled for up to 30 days from the date of the request.

What is the cost associated to porting?

You only have to pay for the SMS that you send requesting the port.

There are a few factors to be aware of, however. Like if you are cancelling a long‑term contract with your current Service Provider, they will charge you a cancellation fee.

If I port to Afrihost, how long must I wait before I can port to another Service Provider?

You will have to wait 60 days. The is due to regulatory practices and not Afrihost Specific.