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All you need is a Telkom DSL line

It's Pure
Internet Joy!

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FREE Every Month

Your FREE INTERNET will arrive on the 1st of every month. Plus you get Free Unlimited After-Hours Data until 30 June 2016.


Anyone can sign up

Even if you’re not a client yet, you can claim a FREE GB from us without further obligation to sign up for other products.


No Admin

We'll never ever force you to upgrade your FREE GB to a paid product - it's really that simple!


No Contracts

Just like all our paid services, our FREE GB service is month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time - no sweat!

A quick
guide to DSL

Not quite sure what DSL Broadband is all about?
Follow these 4 easy steps, or simply watch the video below.

Telkom Landline
Enable DSL Service
Get a DSL Modem
Sign up with Afrihost

Telkom Landline

First, you'll need a Telkom landline before you can apply for DSL.
Already got a Telkom landline? Great! If you don't, get Telkom to install one for you.

Enable your DSL Service

Once Telkom has installed your landline, ask them to enable your DSL service
or do so here with us. Without this service you will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Get a DSL Modem

Next, you will need a DSL modem to connect to the internet.
If you already have one, then great! If not, you can get one from us for a low once-off cost.

Sign up with Afrihost

And lastly, you are now ready to claim your FREE GB!

or watch the video


What you can do with a GigaByte


Share ± 500 Photos*

Photos are our memories. Make sure you can relive your best moments when you want to. Upload, view and share your memories without any hassles!


Watch ± 1 Hour of HD Video on Youtube*

Whether you're watching the latest TED talk or an Epic Fail compilation, you'll be able to effortlessly stream high resolution video to your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Stream ±100 High-Quality Songs*

Make sure you're listening the latest dubstep or classics that take you back to a special moment, you can stream your favourite music, podcasts or internet radio.


Spend Hours on Facebook*

It's all about Likes! With everyone and their dog on Facebook, the best way to stay in touch is not the news but your NewsFeed. You'll never miss a beat!


View and Share Thousands of Tweets*

You might Follow your favourite rock star, politician or tech reviewer, or all of them at once. When you're online 24/7 with us, you definitely won't miss a tweet!


Skype for ± 5.5 Hours*

Instant Messaging a mate. Calling your parents on holiday out of town. Or video conferencing with a potential client overseas. You'll always be ready to chat.


Send and Receive Thousands of Emails*

It might not be exciting, but email is still the most popular form of digital communication. Whether it's Gmail, Hotmail or your own domain, your Outlook will always be rosy!


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FREE GB today!

No payment details required. All you need is a Telkom DSL line.

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Still not convinced?

Here is a few more reasons why you should claim your FREE GB today


Need More Data?

No need to panic when your FREE GB runs out. You can easily top up your data from just R5 per GB – you never have to go without internet. Easily topup at any time – via ClientZone, our Mobile App or simply set your account to topup automatically!


Legendary Support

Outstanding client service is the cornerstone of our business. Our Support Team is available by phone, email or even SMS. You can also use our user‑friendly ClientZone to manage all your products easily or why not use our Mobile Apps for when you're on the go.


This is not a drill

It's the real deal! There is no time‑limit or fees of any kind required up front from you. It's as simple as pointing and clicking your way to absolutely FREE DSL. We won't force you to upgrade if you don't want to, it's yours to use as you like. No risk, no charge - it's a no‑brainer!


Free After-Hours Data

You Get Free and Unlimited internet usage After‑Hours, between 23:30 and 07:30 Every Day. Untill 30 June 2016. After-Hours Data will only be available to active Capped DSL clients who have a positive data balance. You will NOT receive free After-Hours data if your account has been Suspended or Paused.


It's free, promise

Time is on your side! The FREE GBs will be on offer for as long as we are in business and once you've signed up, your FREE internet is yours to play with. It will just keep coming back on the first of the month, like the Duracell Bunny. And throughout that time you will enjoy our legendary client service and support.


Available for everyone

Not an existing Afrihost client? No problem! All you need is a DSL Modem and DSL Line to claim this offer. Sign up and enter the connection details in your Modem and you'll receive all the benefits of being an Afrihost client. So if you're alive, awake and have a valid form of ID - you qualify!

What are you waiting for?

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