Get 250MB of Mobile Data Every Month, for R1 once-off!

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We're giving you mobile data for next to nothing.
Pay a once‑off fee of R1.00 and we'll give you 250MB of Mobile Data EVERY month until December 2018! It's the deal
of a lifetime, with no surprises!

If you use up all of your 250MB in the month you will automatically be capped - You will never pay us another cent unless you choose to buy extra data.

We offer the cheapest Topups, and reliable Limiting options, so no matter what, you’re paying the lowest price for your data - with no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

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Awesome Benefits

No Contracts, No Catches
We’re not trying to trick you into signing a long-term contract. This awesome package has no hidden clauses and no clever conditions - because there are no contracts! You can sign up for it when you want, how you want, and on your own terms! We haven’t put any limitations on the connectivity either, there’s no shaping of any kind. Just Pure Internet Joy for a buck.
The Most Affordable
For only R1.00 you get a whole 250MB of Mobile Data every month, that’s it… no surprise charges, no sneaky fees. Now everyone can get Mobile Data more than 50x cheaper than some of our competitors’ rates! We also offer amazing Topup rates, so you can add more Data if you want - and still save tons.
Fast Connectivity and Nationwide Cover
Our Data is LTE capable in major centres, ensuring that you get the absolute best speeds available - at no extra cost. We also have Expansive Coverage in all Major Cities, Towns and on National Roads. Powered by the pervasive and powerful MTN Network, we're already in a suburb near you!
No Bill-Shock or Out-of-Bundle Surprises
With Afrihost Mobile you never have to worry about accidentally using your airtime or running up a bill at crazy rates once you’ve used up your data. We treat the two as separate items - both of which are completely controllable - which means you won’t EVER get a nasty bill at the end of the month.

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Get your 250MB of Mobile Data right now. It’s super simple, just choose one of our three SIM options and get ready for Pure Internet Joy.

Afrihost Mobile

There’s another great benefit to signing up for our #DataForAll deal - with an Afrihost or MTN Prepaid SIM you can get all the advantages of Afrihost Mobile. Take a look at what we have to offer and you might just find the perfect Mobile Voice package for you.

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No More

With Afrihost Mobile you never have to worry about that surprise bill at the end of the month. With us, Out-of-Bundle data is not automatic - you have to opt-in for it. That means that you won’t accidentally use more data than you want to. But we do have the lowest Out-of-Bundle rates1, so if you do decide to opt-in, you still won’t be paying a fortune.


Per Minute Rates. Charged per Second2


Per MB Out-of-Bundle Data



1Correct at time of Publication. 2Regular calls to Landline and other Mobile Networks. Excludes premium calls.

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Add even more awesome by Topping up with Data or Airtime, which you can use however you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone get this deal?

Yes. The #DataForAll deal is open to anyone. All you need is an MTN or Afrihost SIM.

What happens if you use all the 250MB before the end of the month?

No problem, all our Data deals work off of an automatic cap. This means that you won’t pay a single cent more unless you choose to Top Up with more data or opt-in for our Out-of-Bundle data. On the first of the next month, your 250MB will be replenished.

Can existing clients get this deal?

Yes! If you already have an Afrihost Mobile Package you can choose to purchase this deal on a new SIM or simply downgrade your current package via ClientZone.

Can I use this Data as a Topup option?

Unfortunately not, this deal is a separate package all on its own and is not available as a Topup option at the moment. You will need to either downgrade your current package or get a new SIM.

I already have an MTN SIM, how do I sign up for this deal?

Purchase this package using the Sign Me Up link. Then just change the Access Point setting on your phone to ‘afrihost’ and you’ll be good to go. If you need help setting up your Access Point, check out our Access Point Settings page for assistance.

Can I get more than one #DataForAll package?

Yes! You can purchase up to 5 of these packages.

How long will this deal last?

For now this offer is running until 31 December 2018. We will review the offer end December and may revise or extend it. If, at any point, the price of the offer is changed, we will contact you beforehand and allow you to opt-in for the new price or cancel. We will not automatically charge you without your consent.

Can I use Afrihost Mobile Data on a SIM that already uses Axxess Mobile Data?

Unfortunately not, Axxess and Afrihost use the same system, which means that only one can be provisioned to a SIM at a time. If you want to use Afrihost Mobile Data you will first have to de-provision your Axxess APN.

Terms & Conditions

  • Maximum of 5 signups per legal entity (business or individual).
  • We reserve the right to stop this promotion to new signups at any time. However, clients who sign up in time for the special will receive their 250MB every month until at least 31 December 2018.
  • All regular Afrihost Mobile terms and conditions apply.
  • This promotion runs until 31 December 2018, at which point the offer may be revised or extended. If the offer is revised, clients will have to opt-in to any price increases should they occur. Afrihost will not automatically start billing clients without consent.