Supercharged DSL
You deserve the Best Internet Experience in the
Galaxy and we want to give it to you!


Free After‑Hours Data

We now offer FREE and UNLIMITED internet usage After‑Hours on all Capped DSL Packages, between Midnight and 8am Every Day!


Brand‑new Network

We've built a brand new Fixed Broadband Network, especially for you. We now have more control over every aspect of your experience. This means we're able to offer you better products, better one‑on‑one support and, most importantly, better connectivity.


More Data, For Less

All our Capped DSL packages have been updated to give you even more data for less! Starting from less than R1.00 per GB, you'll be hard‑pressed to find a better deal elsewhere.

Throw in Afrihost Plus+ for only R109pm and you'll get even more, with Features like Double Data, Simfy Music Streaming, 2‑For‑1 Topups and Free Mobile Data!


Data & Topup Rollover

Monthly Data will only expire at the end of the NEXT month. This means that if you haven't used all of your monthly data by the end of the month, it will rollover to the next month.

But that's not all – Data Topups purchased will also expire at the end of the NEXT month – giving you even more value.


DSL Packages

Take a look at some of our awesome DSL Packages.
We have packages to cater for everyone's needs and wallet size.

Adjust the slider below to see more packages.

After-Hours Data: Monthly Capped DSL Packages (excluding 1 GB) will receive Free, Unlimited After-Hours Data
between Midnight and 8AM every day.

Psssst! We have more packages at different intervals if these don't suit your needs, have a look over here »


A quick guide
to DSL

Not quite sure what DSL Broadband is all about?
Follow these 4 easy steps, or simply watch the video below.

Telkom Landline
Enable DSL Service
Get a DSL Modem
Sign up with Afrihost

Telkom Landline

First, you'll need a Telkom landline before you can apply for Afrihost DSL.
Already got a Telkom landline? Great! If you don't, get Telkom to install one for you.

Enable your DSL Service

Once Telkom has installed your landline, ask them to enable your DSL service
or do so here with us. Without this service you will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Get a DSL Modem

Next, you will need a DSL modem to connect to the internet.
If you already have one, then great! If not, you can get one from us for a low once-off cost.

Sign up with Afrihost

And lastly, you'll need DSL data. Starting from only R29 per month, we have
awesome packages to cater for everyone's needs and wallet size.

or watch the video

What our
clients have
to say

  • Afrihost I don't know how you do it but I get a smile each time you update your website there is allways something Mindblowing! Great service and products! I feel guilty using such great products at such a low price! Keep up the outstanding work!

    Tinus | 27 Nov 2014 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours

  • Line speed and latency are comparable with other top hosting ISP and reliability is also decent, but the pricing is just a leap apart from the rest. By far the best value for money for an ISP currently in SA.

    Charlie Cloete | 31 Jul 2014 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours

  • Your picing is great, and your downtime is better than any other ISP I have dealt with, but what really sets the Afrihost team apart is the Customer Support. Your technicians are friendly and helpful, and are exceptionally hard working. I work in IT with a multitude of customers and all those who use Afrihost feel the same way. I cannot recommend anyone better! Great job guys, keep up the great work!

    Frits Steyn | 09 Apr 2014 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours

  • My parcel got dispatched yesterday and I got it this morning. I have to say judging by the service I have recieved so far, those good reviews you guys get seem to reflect what you really give to your clients. Getting a second afrihost simcard for my bro next month.

    Mahlatsi89 | 19 Feb 2014 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours

will it

Life is complicated enough – signing up for DSL Broadband doesn't need to be.
Our package calculators will help you budget for Pure Internet Awesomeness.

1. First things first - you need a Telkom Landline

You will need a Telkom landline before you can apply for Afrihost DSL. Already got a Telkom landline? Great! If you don’t, get Telkom to install one for you. You’ll also have to ask them to enable your ADSL service.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be billed separately by Telkom for your landline rental.

2. Next, you need a DSL Modem

If you already have one, you can simply use your existing DSL modem.
If not, we also sell some.

3. Then, Choose your DSL Line Speed

This is the maximum speed at which any of your internet activities will take place. There are factors such as the quality of the copper line and your distance from the exchange, but this will determine your cruising velocity should there not be any other limiting factors.

4. How much Data do you need every month?

1GB gives approximately* - 1000x Emails, 15x Youtube Videos, 100 MP3s

5. And finally, do you want to double your data?

Get Afrihost Plus for amazing added features and savings! Such as Permanent
Double Data, Permanent 2-for-1 Topups, Softcapping, 500MB of Included
Mobile Data and unlimited online music streaming with simfy africa.
All for only R109pm.

You can add Afrihost Plus+ during the sign up process. For more info, click here.

Once-Off Costs

Netgear DGN2200 DSL Modem

Type in the amount you are willing to pay


Select What is Important To You

Please note: The Budget Calculator matches packages closest to your specified budget.
All packages displayed are Capped DSL Bundles, which include DSL Line Rental and Capped DSL Data.