It's Made With Love.

And looks great on desktop and mobile devices.*

Made With Love
We've poured our heart and soul into this, and it was inspired by our clients. We've carefully designed each aspect of the new ClientZone to make everything you need to do easier and more awesome.
It's all you'll Need
Everything Afrihost can be Activated, Administered and Addressed in ClientZone. From your ADSL to your Web Hosting products, it's your one stop portal for information and tools to get the best from your products.
One Size Fits All
We've catered for all popular screen sizes and resolutions. ClientZone will automatically adjust to the window size you feel comfortable with - so no matter what you use*, you're always in the picture!
Looks Awesome
We've spent a lot of time crafting the new ClientZone to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.  Now that it's easier on the eye, working with your Afrihost products will be an absolute pleasure!

We've added some Amazing Features.

Things to make your experience even easier.

Uncapped Turbocharge
Turbocharge adds a new dimension of speed and convenience to our Uncapped product. You can now activate Turbocharge at any time, which will completely unshape your Uncapped connection for 60 minutes at a time. During this time all traffic shaping protocols are removed from your profile, allowing you full unshaped use of your ADSL connection. Once the session expires, your ADSL will return to our normal Uncapped management policy. So if you need that download now, you can Turbocharge your ADSL and get it - FAST!
Every client will receive 300 minutes (or 5 sessions) automatically each month. Simply top up additional Turbocharge sessions for just R29 if you need more (applicable minutes will depend on your package).
It's that easy to get the best internet experience you've ever encountered with SA's fastest growing ISP.

Not here yet, but Coming Soon!

These features are currently in progress and will be available shortly.

ClientZone Meets Mobile
We'll be optimising ClientZone for the best display and functionality on Smartphones. We want to make sure that in today's fast-paced life, you can access your vital information where and when you want. No matter how big or small your modern mobile device is, we'll make sure you can see and access all the features you need to get the most from us.
Recommended, just for you.
We want your ClientZone to be more than just a report, we want it to be the first place to check for advice. Whether it's a sensible upgrade, or an alert to a service which could make your life easier, we'll be equipping ClientZone with some practical intelligence to do some thinking for you, and to make suggestions on getting most out of your online experience.
Smart Apps, at your fingertips
Our Tablet and Smartphone Apps are due for a major upgrade - you'll eventually be able to do everything in your App that you can do in ClientZone. Get all the benefits of a dedicated, ultrafast App, combined with intuitive user interface of your newest gizmo. By conveniently accessing features from your Mobile device, everything Afrihost is just a swipe away.

What you need to Access Awesomeness.

We are currently supporting the following browsers for our new ClientZone.

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Google Chrome
20 +
Mozilla FireFox
10 +
Internet Explorer
10 +(8 + 9 Coming Soon)
12 +
5 +
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