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  • @Angelo_Adams Pleasure :) -J

    2 minutes ago

  • @Angelo_Adams Could you mail the info through to We can check it all out from there. -J

    8 minutes ago

  • @Shuaibp23 It's best to download after hours, you can check your shaping status via the ClientZone. -J

    9 minutes ago

Boston FR has provided me with excellent service. Keep up the good work.

An ASSET to Afrihost.


Fathima Rasool
26 Jul 2014

Afrihost is an impressive service provider. The portal is very user friendly and provides allot of neat flexible features that you have at your disposal.

The response from support is great and the overall quality of service is also great.

Keep up the good work Afrihost!

Dennis O'Reilly
25 Jul 2014

Once again, nothing but outstanding service! Recommended your mobile data packages to one of my colleagues and within 2 days, he’s up and running and saving a TON. Free sim card delivery is amazing and he’s totally stoked with his client zone experience so far!

Leading the way, keep it up!


Matthew Stark
25 Jul 2014

Compliments to Boston for the excellent service. He persevered and resolved my issue bringing great relief to me and my company.

An asset to Afrihost!!!!

We need more Bostons!


Fathima Rasool
24 Jul 2014

I’m impressed with the service i get from Afrihost. Gian Visser, thank you for leading such a great team. The level of expertise that your team shows prompted me to move 4 of our domains to Afrihost and 3 were already with Afrihost making a total of 7 domains. Your mobile data service is number one and I’ll definitely recommend your services to other people out there.

Thank you Vallencia Moonsamy (Accounts), Obakeng Mofokeng (Tech Support), Sabelo (Tech Support). Please continue to offer such great service.


Lewis Karume
23 Jul 2014

Afrihost is the best provider which I can recommend.
If I am requesting for domain hosting and registration, it takes exact 30 minutes to have all the details in my mailbox.
No server interruption ever, all up and running 24/7.

Keep it up team!
22 Jul 2014

I started using Afrihost 3 weeks ago and I must say they have beem amazing. From the first day I recieved great service from them and that same amazing service has beem consistent throughout my stay. Im using their mobile data package and all I can say is WOW! Afrihost is affordable and definitely value for money.  Afrihost is the way

Sehlodi Polanski
18 Jul 2014

I started off with a mobile bundle about 7 weeks ago and just added DSL. Since the first day I have received the very best support you can get. I cannot imagine why anybody would even consider other service providers. I wish I could thank the individual people that assisted me with queries and setups, but there are just too many. Their response were almost always instantaneous and they resolved my requests seamlessly - you are world class indeed!

16 Jul 2014

I normally don’t take the time to write reviews or testimonials, but I feel I have to commend Afrihost. I came from another major web supplier with an extremely unsatisfactory experience, I felt like a small fry and the service was terrible. I paid for 4Mbps ADSL and got maximum speeds of 1Mbps if i was lucky. They always blamed a faulty line and closed the calls on their side. I moved to Afrihost in literally less than 24 hours! That in its self deserves praise. It was simple, seamless and extremely fast. I didn’t even have to speak to anyone everything was done online. The biggest pleasure however is that I’m getting what I’m paying for. Well done Afrihost for doing the simple, basic things right! I’m very happy to be doing business with you guys.

Paul van Noordwyk
15 Jul 2014

Hi there,

I am making use of Afrihost’ services for a couple of years now. My honest opinion is that no other service provider has the level of service delivery that you find with Afrihost. At this stage they deliver/manage all my communication needs, including my land line used for the DSL services.

The support staff is very helpful and has the patience to work with anyone from an expert to people that knows very little. If there is a problem (which does not happen often) be sure that these guys/girls will sort it out in no time. They even follow up to make sure there is no re-occurrence of the problem.

I have not come across any company that gives so much away to there clients for free. Afrihost’ special offers and free give-aways are indescribable. I have started out with a 3GB bundle a few years ago. Currently have 37GB per month at no extra cost due to their free give-away data. It is unheard of.

I want to thank the whole Afrihost team for the services they deliver and be sure that I will recommend you to anyone looking for service excellence.

Your loyal client and biggest fan.

Pieter Wright
10 Jul 2014

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