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I would like to say “Thank you” once again.
I simply love the “Customer-satisfaction-commitment” attitude you guys have.

Once again you have come through shining when last week I ordered a data sim card. It should’ve arrived a week later via courier but that would not have fit with our plans to surprise our granny with some amazing tech gadget (or simply a 10 inch tablet for all of us “tech-savvy young people”) for her 80th birthday. A quick support request to try and get the card here before the birthday happens and get all the setup done and dusted for a smooth handover was all handled by your friendly staff behind the scene. I received the card with overnight delivery at 10h00 the next morning. And the rushed transport was paid for in full by Afrihost! Schweet!

To cut a long story short(er), the birthday has since come and gone, gran is starting out with getting used to some of that techy wizardry we do on a daily basis. Ok, it’ll take a while for her to get to understand just a small part of what we do, but we’ll guide her through it slowly but surely. Family on Facebook beware! Gran will now be watching your every move! Like a Hawk!

I’ll keep monitoring her internet consumption which is sure to increase as time goes by, especially when Youtube will finally be discovered! However, data top-ups/upgrades are a cinch on the website. Simply hassle free!

Growing the Afrihost Family! Young and old! No exceptions. All the help. All the time.
Thanks again to all who assisted us.

Sascha Herrle
25 May 2015

I had to write and tell you how much I enjoy being with Afrihost. On Saturday afternoon when our power was restored after load-shedding I found that our Telkom line was dead. I emailed Support and followed up with a call on Sunday morning and spoke to Siyabonga. I was dreading the worst…how long would it take to get my line fixed? Siyabonga explained that Telkom needed 48 hours to look into the problem. My heart sank.

Well the good news is that a couple of hours later I received an SMS to say the problem had been resolved! Thanks Siyabonga and Afrihost for managing my line! I did not have to go through the aggravation of calling Telkom!

Afrihost FTW!

Debbie Spazzoli
25 May 2015

Afrihost is one of the fastest, cheapest internet providers I have ever seen. They offer great products at low prices, excellent customer support and minimal downtime. Long live Afrihost!

24 May 2015

Afrihost is the best, their service is awesome I tried other providers but with Afrihost everything is open and understandable. Well done guys your work is up to standard.

22 May 2015

On behalf of MAGOVENI INFORMATION COMMUNICATION CENTRE I would like to thank AFRIHOST for best service and support since August 2013. We have been running smoothly and efficiently.

We are based in Greater Giyani municipality far from Gauteng Province, but the support when we have glitches has been superb.

Your Android App and clientzone portal are brilliant units to access data usage and profile upgrade.
On behalf of M.I.C.C, I thank everyone over there

settlers mkansi
16 May 2015

May I just say that I love this company - the best deals anywhere coupled with simplicity and no Telkom. You guys are my heroes.

David Clarke
13 May 2015

I recently signed up with afrihost as my preferred ISP and the one question that plagues me is why didn’t I do this sooner :)

13 May 2015

When i heard about Afrihost i thought this was too good to be true but after i read the information on the website i thought I will give it a try. To my amazement i sighned up in 5 min for a mobile data packages and soon i was connected to the world of Afrihost. The plans are very competitve and easy to buy, sms notifications tell me how much data i have left which allows for planning and the top up bundles are just so convenient. I will never look back and tell everyone about the different afrihost services. Good job Afrihost for beating the compitition!

Carol Bezuidenhout
13 May 2015

I’ve been with you guys for just over 3 years now and still, to this day, I’ve not had one bit of problems with Afrihost. Thanks a million !!

Kevin Green
12 May 2015

Thanks All at Afrihost.

I am now enjoying and loving your exceptional service and friendship – all is 4G LTE Joy at this end!

Gordon Barker
07 May 2015

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