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Mind Blowing DSL Modems

These days, money talks, and we’ll make your precious Rands speak volumes. Not only are these top of the range modems that offer excellent DSL performance and Wi-Fi range, you’d battle to find a better cash price at any retailer. But as the infomerical saying goes, “That’s not all!”. We preconfigure your router for you with your DSL data account details, and even set your Wi-Fi name and password for you. We also include FREE deliver to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa!

We use these routers ourselves, so you know you’re getting the very best. Once you get your delivery, you can just plug it in and start playing - it doesn’t get much simpler that that.

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Industry Leading Service
Industry Leading Service

Our friendly, competent support staff is available 24/7. You never have to worry about someone being available to assist you should you need it.

Money Savings
Money Savings

Besides the delivery cost already being included in the price, you'll be hard-pressed to get these same DSL Modems at a lower cost anywhere else. Save hundreds, not just cents.


Not only are our modems cheaper, we also set them up for you! On checkout you can choose one of your Afrihost DSL Accounts to be setup on the device before it gets shipped - Now THAT'S Service!

Greater Range and Speed
Greater Range and Speed

Because we only believe in selling stuff we'd use ourselves, we've chosen the cream of the crop when it comes to Wireless. Our DSL Routers come with cutting edge N300 connectivity for enhanced speed and range.

Fast Delivery<sup>2</sup>
Fast Delivery2

Once your payment has cleared, we can get your DSL Router to your door. We can generally deliver within 48 hours in major centres. Then you can just plug it in and enjoy the internet effortlessly.

No Contracts. No Catch.
No Contracts. No Catch.

You might be thinking there must be some catch to this - why are we offering a superior product and service such a competitive price? Well, there's no catch - Just a splash of Pure Internet Joy!

DSL Lines

Our Awesome DSL Modem Packages!

Why Getting a DSL Modem from Afrihost Makes More Sense

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Netgear DGN2200 Wireless Router Modem
  • Netgear DGN2200 Wireless Router Modem
    R995 once‑off (incl. VAT)
    Credit Card Budget Payment 1
    approx. R82.91
    Wireless Speed
    Wireless Coverage
    2 (Internal)
    Ethernet Ports
    4 x 100Mbps
    All Features
    View »
    R995 once‑off (incl. VAT)
    Purchase Now!
  • ADSL 2+
  • Pre-Configured
  • No Complicated Setup
  • Delivery 2
  • 2 Years Warranty
Have a look at our Wireless DSL Router Modem Features
The Small Print
* General
- These DSL Router Modems are only available to South African Residents.
- DSL Line Required to make use of DSL Bandwidth & Modem. If you need an DSL Line, sign up for one here

1 Credit Card Budget Payment Plan
- The monthly repayment is an approximate figure and will vary depending on your credit card's annual interest rate and the budget period.
- For demonstration purposes 15% interest was used on a 12 month budget period.

2 Delivery
- FREE Delivery is available to most major centres. In some cases, a surcharge may be charged for remote outlying areas.
- Our courier will contact each client individually within 2 Business Days (upon clearance of payment). Final delivery will then be subject to client’s availability and available delivery time slots in those areas.
- Deliveries take place during business hours on weekdays, weekends are excluded from all time calculations.
- Delivery is subject to Payment Verification, which can take up to an additional 5 working days for Debit Orders.
- Credit card payments are verified immediately, while a delay of up to 5 working days can be expected with Debit Orders for verification and clearing of funds (depending on the bank payment is made from).
- Afrihost will arrange and pay courier costs for up to one product exchange or return, thereafter clients will be directly responsible for arranging delivery to Afrihost, and any related costs.
  • Afrihost arranged my ADSL line installation with Telkom, and caught me completely off-guard. No way was I expecting to be up and running in less than 10 days - but I was. Line upgraded, 20GB available, no irritating "hold music" on the phone - just click, click and done. Awesome, well done to you guys - thanks for keeping the grey out of my hair!

    Andrew Retallack | 19 Oct 2014 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • I got the Netgear DGNB1100 Wireless Router Bundle yesterday, slapped it in and was up and running in no time. This is an awesome product and has a really good price tag.

    ivan | 24 Jan 2013 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • My mom just bought a router from you guys, it is really amazing and you guys set it up so quickly. Well done! P.S. please could I have the iPad mini or the iPhone:D I am really excited for our new uncapped Internet as well

    Rory Spiller | 31 Dec 2012 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • I ordered the netgear unit at 2 pm on thursday and had it delivered to my front door the next morning at 9 am. Now that is what i call exceptional. It was preloaded and i just plugged and played. The unit is definitely worth the money. NETGEAR If you use the credit card option for payment it is immediate. If you use the debit order payment it will take 5 days to clear and they do warn you of that.…

    Gareth coussins | 27 Jul 2012 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours